Dinzie aims to, through our articles, make you a professional at life and everything in it. From law and finance to gardening and cooking, we think that to become a better person to your friends, family and surroundings and enjoy life in a more rewarding way one needs to acquire knowledge in many different areas.

Dinzie is formed by a small team of professional and amateur bloggers from all around the world that have their own blogs and love to write. The main reason we founded Dinzie was that most of us have a blog that relates to just one or two specific topics about our profession or hobby, but we wanted a place to be able to post about anything else off-topic when we felt like without worrying if the topic was relevant or not to our personal blogs. The only rule at the Dinzie Club is that all articles need to improve our lives, teach us something, affect readers in a positive way or solve a problem.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to take part you need to have a blog running with at least 10k visitors/month.



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