How To Know If My Cat Is Going To Attack

Having a pet cat is very rewarding yet not being able to speak their mood communicates to us through their body language, and if you look well we understand them almost to perfection. But, would we know to differentiate when our cat is in a situation of alert? Or when is in a position of attack or threat? For this reason dinzie. Com want to show you how know if your cat is going to attack.

When your cat is in a situation of alert, it will indicate this with a broad, direct gaze and whiskers and ears pitched forward. Also if you feel nervous it is going to contract some of the nostrils with the intention of identifying the smell.

When your cat feel that you are receiving a threat from another cat or other animal, it will first remain stationary, with a stare to her “attacker”. When they pass a few moments, the cat will begin to tail slowly move from one side to another, with ears and whiskers forward to identify their “aggressor”. If you feel attacked and his “offender approaching” the cat will put ears flattened back, pulling the Chin forward, tip your body while your hair begins to lift and its tail to bristle is.

If the cat feels it’s receiving a threat, if the cat feels that her “attacker” is too close, they will start to growl towards each other. Before the attack, when the cat is in its way more threatening, communicating his State of anger Max, we find against a cat with the fully cocked against the intruder body and its totally Bristly fur, the tail as well as the body. In addition the cat will crush his Chin against the neck with instinctive to protect his throat before a possible attack. His eyes stare at the intruder and ears continue squashed against the head, and snout look a little teeth as it growls alerting the intruder in a possible attack. cat attack body

If ever your cat is in a position of alert total in the presence of a stranger, after body language described above, we sumaríamos that the muscles of your cat back and hind legs would remain tense, face the possibility of a strike, a fight, or a flight. The weight of the cat relies on only one leg, while it shows your nails ready for the attack.

If the opponent is another cat, the cat will advance snarling and salivating. When the opponent is ahead, the cat will go to the area where it was and after sniffing and scratching the area, probably will get a few drops of urine, and possibly poo.How To Know If My Cat Is Going To Attack

When your cat is in a situation of extreme turmoil it will open your eyes completely and move its tail very fast from one side to another, like looking for a way to escape, shrinking its body, with Chin protecting the neck and ears glued back and forth. It is important not to touch the cat when it shows in this way since it can react violently.

How To Know If My Cat Is Going To Attack

This article is purely informative, at Dinzie we have no power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or perform any type of diagnosis. We invite you to to take your pet to the vet in the case that present any condition or malaise.

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