How To Mold A Face With Clay

These step-by-step instructions can help you get started with clay and, who knows, some day you may become an artist!

This article will show you one way to mold your face into clay although there are many other methods out there. Do not be afraid of experiencing. And always remember, if you do not like the way in which it is simply knead the clay as well as starts again (there is a certain degree of satisfaction when crushed a particularly problematic project).

Wheel clay into a ball, as well as press it onto a ceramic tile. It is good to work on pottery since this helps to keep the cold clay (may become sticky if it is too hot) as well as when you finish the project can get into the oven together, clay as well as ceramics.

How To Mold A Face With Clay

With your fingers, press the clay (in the middle or a little above the middle of the face) to create the eyes.

Knead a small cone for nose, as well as then tighten it a long triangle. Place this figure between the eyes with two small balls of clay on each side.

Using your fingers as well as a clay modeling tool (you can improvise with another item if you do not have the necessary tools) to push the clay around as well as blur the edges, connecting the different parts smoothly.

With a bit of clay, form a triangle with a rounded top that will turn on the upper lip. Press the top edge so it is thinner than the bottom edge to make it easier to attach to the nose as well as cheeks. Place it under your nose.

Using clay, blurs the upper part of the form in the nose as well as cheeks. Click in the Center, under the nose to create a fall. Now press up from the bottom (this is the thicker side) in two places to make the upper lip.

Knead a small oval for the lower lip as well as place it instead. If it is too big, do not worry. You can then remove a little of the excess clay.


Spread the bottom edge on the rest of the face. Do not do anything on the top edge.

It stretches three small balls of clay, one smaller than the other two. Press the smaller ball on the Chin as well as the two balls of equal size in the cheeks. Press until they look more to disks instead of balls.

It diffuses the edges. Two small balls of clay are the eyes. Move the pieces here as well as there to experience. You will be surprised to see how a millimeter can alter the expression of a face. When you are satisfied with the appearance, press gently on the clay to secure as well as obtain a good contact between the parties.

A slightly larger ball molds as well as press it until it is a thin disc in ceramics. Draw a cutting line in half with a sharp instrument (PIN, a craft knife). Very carefully, lift the halves separate tile as well as placed one on each eye to make eyelids.

This part is difficult because it requires several attempts until you can remove the tile clay without distorting it. Sometimes, you wait a few minutes for clay to cool. Spread the eyelids at the top.

Stretch two small snakes as well as place them under each eye. Push them in a curve to follow the shape of the eye. It broadcasts in the lower parts of the forms to make the lower eyelids.

With the fingers as well as the mould tool can push as well as shape the clay to make the changes you want, then turn on the oven according to the instructions on the package of clay (different manufacturers have different cooking temperatures a little bit).

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