How To Prevent Split Ends

Having a healthy and silky hair is the dream of most women. But constant exposure to the ultraviolet rays, not using the right products and, in general, ignoring the best practices to take care of our hair will cause our ends to open and the hair to get damaged. A good way to have a beautiful and healthy hair is to avoid brittle tips and keep your daily hair care. It is not impossible, you just have to follow a few simple steps and be consistent. If you want to know how to prevent split ends and look perfect hair, in this article from Dinzie we show you some tricks.

One of the factors that can damage our hair and cause the brittle tips is bad brushing. Probes are the most fragile hair part and brush them rough handling may damage them. It is recommended that you brush your hair twice a day, one in the morning and another at night, for at least one minute.

How To Prevent Split Ends hair ends use

It always begins to untangle your hair ends, gently and without sudden jerks of the comb. When the points are well unraveling, you can now start to level to continue unraveling your hair, always gently up. Placed throughout the hair to one side, never Combs it by the part back because you’re forcing the brushing and the scales of the hair will break more easily.

Brush or comb that we choose to brush hair is key to avoid split ends. For the semilargos, long and thick hair, it is recommended to use large and flat brushes. For short or fine hair, it is best to use small brushes or wide-tooth Combs. To prevent the tips never open you desenredes your hair wet with a brush, since this can cause the hair to break more easily. If you are used to comb your hair out of the shower, you must do so using a large-toothed comb to avoid damaging the tips. If your hair tends to tangle much, do not forget to use condition during the wash cycle.

Not using the right products can damage the ends of the hair and cause them to open. We must bear in mind that the majority of chemicals, color dyes, are harmful for the hair and always is better to avoid them. But, if you want to use them, or for the reason that is, do not have no choice, be sure to use products with natural ingredients or high-quality to better protect your hair and avoid split ends.

How To Prevent Split Ends hair ends use

Another factor that causes the brittle tips is the water. If your city or town water contains a high level of chlorine, it will damage your hair faster and probes to be opened. A simple way to remove the chlorine is boiling the water. You can boil water and wash your hair with it, although this is a slow process and it can take quite some time.

How To Prevent Split Ends hair ends use

Summer is the time most harmful to our hair and we must protect it with special care. If you want to know how to care for your hair in summer and avoid split ends, in this article you have the steps that you must follow.

How To Prevent Split Ends hair ends use

Wash your hair properly and use the right shampoo are the key to having a healthy hair and avoid split ends. Select a shampoo that suits your hair type and make sure that it contains the lowest possible number of silicones or, if possible, no.

As for how to wash your hair, we recommend to let fall the mane back when you wash the scalp. To avoid split ends, it applies conditioner only on the long side, without touching the scalp. A very effective way to apply the conditioner is to do it with your head upside down, from the top down. So your hair will be more silky and can untangle it easily. It uses a serum special tips open for greater protection. If your hair is oily, it is advisable that you do not use serum, which may result in an increase of fat in your hair.

Washing the hair is important but the way of drying it also. Rub the hair with the towel to dry it is very harmful and can cause the tips open and a consequent hair damaged. It is more advisable to leave the hair wrapped in a towel until it has absorbed the excess water and allow to dry hair naturally.

Regular use of hairdryer, hair irons or curling iron is one of the main reasons for the creation of the brittle tips. Therefore, it is best to avoid this kind of products or use them in moderation. If you dry your hair with a blow-dryer, make sure you do not place it close to your hair or use too much hot air.

How To Prevent Split Ends hair ends use

Another way to prevent split ends and take care of your hair is frequently cut tips. This way your hair will look always healthy and your tips will not be crisp. And if your tips are now open and you do not know what to do, in this article you have some tricks to treat the open ends of the hair.

How To Prevent Split Ends hair ends use

Follow all of these instructions and watch your hair look healthier and your tips always perfect.

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