How To Make Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe

Jam is not only a sweet prepared with fruit and sweets and desserts-related product, but that it is also possible to develop vegetable jams to accompany meats and all kinds of recipes. Although the tomato Marmalade is perhaps the best known, the truth is that we can also prepare a rich jam of pepper that is going to be some of the delight of all your guests. So wait no more and follow carefully this article from Dinzie about how to make pepper jam.


The first step to prepare peppers Jam will be washing the vegetables under running water to remove any residual soil, fertilizers or any type of dirt that may still contain. Then, it will be necessary to cut the peppers into pieces not too small, at the same time removing the seeds from inside.


Done, you can already get the pepper chopped in a pot or pan along with sugar, water and vinegar – which may be wine or Apple, as you prefer – and light the fire. Last quarter of an hour, you’ll need to lower the temperature of the fire to half power and leave it for 30 minutes so you cook and thicken the broth; see stirring to prevent sticking, especially toward the end of cooking.


On the other hand, it is important to note that you’ll need sterilized glass boats to save pepper jam unless it spoils. To do this, you’ll have to put them face down in a pan of water boiling, following in the footsteps of our article: how to sterilize pots. This process is going to be some of the same for any canned, either jam or any other food; If you want to know more, you can read how packaged in glass bottles.

After about 45-50 minutes, because you can remove the Pan from the fire and pour the contents into a blender or in a blender beaker to thus be able to crush what is going to become some of the peppers jam. If you prefer a more consistent texture, you can choose to add only the pieces of pepper and slowly add the resulting syrup of cooking to get the desired consistency.

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