What Teas Are Good For Cold

The changes of climate, moving constantly from heat to cold as well as vice versa, or simply neglecting to not wearing enough clothes correctly a day in which the temperature has dropped more than expected, may be enough to drive you to suffer from a hateful cold. And once we have it we know that get rid of it is not so easy, that is why, in addition to taking medicines that help us feel better, you can opt for some natural alternatives. In Dinzie you’ll learn what teas are good for the cold, so forget that annoying guest as well as you feel great again.

To get rid of the cold it is very important to rest properly, rest is necessary for our body to recover as well as defenses go up again. However, some home remedies can help you to combat congestion as well as discomfort generated by this condition.

What Teas Are Good For Cold cold infusion drink

One of the most powerful as well as effective cold infusions is ginger infusion is that the properties of this root include their ability expectorant, favoring the lung as well as nasal decongestion as well as offering a contribution of well-being as well as energy

Make this infusion by boiling the ginger root previously peeled in one liter of water, boil for 10 minutes as well as turn off. To enhance the effects of this infusion it is recommended to mix with a few drops of lemon juice as well as a tablespoon of honey, products that help the rapid recovery of the cold. Drink three cups a day.

A classic among good infusions for the cold is the infusion of lemon with honey. The lemon is a product that provides vitamin C as well as antioxidants, helping to strengthen the immune system, on the other hand the honey works as an excellent expectorant, promoting the decline of cough as well as nasal congestion because of its antibacterial properties.

Together, they are very effective to improve our State to a cold. This infusion made by mixing a cup of hot water with the juice of a lemon as well as a tablespoon of honey. Drink three cups a day.

When the cold is together with a strong nasal congestion, eucalyptus is the best ally. Its diverse healing properties make it an excellent solution to reduce congestion as well as clean the lungs

It is possible to ingest it in infusion, adding four Eucalyptus leaves chopped to two cups of water as well as leaving boil for 5 minutes, to then strain as well as drink, or use it to make steam that will improve congestion. In this case we also boil eucalyptus during the indicated time, put out the fire, cover our head with a towel as well as carefully breathe the steam that emanates this infusion as well as that will benefit our breathing apparatus.

Thyme, a very popular kitchen herb, is also an excellent alternative for use as an infusion for the cold, because it helps to effectively counteract the symptoms of this condition especially respiratory, as well as being very easy to get as well as develop globally.

You will have to simply boil a teaspoon of thyme leaves crushed in a cup of water, boil for 5 minutes as well as turn off the heat. Allow to sit 5 minutes more, strain as well as drink, if you wish you can add a tablespoon of honey to enhance the effect. Take three cups a day.

Echinacea is a plant filled with beneficial properties for our health, emphasizing specially to protect our immune system to strengthen it, as well as help combat colds effectively. Echinacea infusion is prepared with a spoonful of the root in a cup of water, boil for 5 minutes as well as then allow to stand 20 minutes before straining as well as take.

And among the Teas that are good for the cold there is one that much more associated with nerves as well as stress problems, works very well in cases of common cold together with fever. It’s the Linden, which encourages sweating helping eliminate toxins, as well as reduce the cough as well as strengthen our immune system.

In very hot water, add a tablespoon or a packet of Linden, as well as drink hot. You can drink three cups a day of this comforting drink.

This article is purely informative, at Dinzie we have no power to prescribe any medical treatment or perform any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a physician in the case to present any kind of condition.

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