How To Raise Earthworms

Raising earthworms is easy, a profitable hobby and a daring business. Worms do not need daily care and grow slowly, are also a wonderful compost. Learn how to raise earthworms for personal benefit or to sell them, since they are one of the most widely used fishing bait and you can thus earn a little money.


First you must decide what type of earthworm you would like to raise. The most popular for breeding are the Red worm (they are smaller in size but they grow fast) and the night worm (larger in size and good bait for fish).

Prepare a place to raise your earthworms. For the interior, use a tub with cover. For the exterior, you can cut the bottom of a bathtub and burying a part on the ground. The tub is going to keep some of the worms in a sector of the ground and away other animals that may disturb them.

Keep the worms damp and darkness where they develop. Provides material such as grass, leaves, manure, remains of compost, kitchen, organic that feeds them. Place this material at the top of the tub, the worms crawl up to the food and back down to their burrows when they end up.


You feed the earthworms once a week. The calculation is half a kilo of food by 30 cubic centimeters of space per month. If feeding weekly, the amount of food it divided into four parts. Moisten its soil with each meal, but be careful not to add too much water, forming puddles. The worms can drown in standing water.


Cover the bathtub to keep the moisture inside. Make sure that the constant temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade, which is the range of temperature necessary to breed earthworms.

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