How To Preserve Contact Lenses

Eye health is very important for every day, so if you use contact lenses, good hygiene and maintenance are essential for their care. That is why at we’ll give you a few tips so that you know how to keep the lenses and ensure the well-being of your eyes.

How To Preserve The Contact Lenses lenses contact case

When you put contact lenses and the case is empty, clean it with cold water and dry it. Do not fill it with solution, is only to be used when stored inside lenses.

Always closes the case, no matter if you put the contact lens or if they are kept, the key is to protect it from external agents that go over the environment, this form will get to keep the lenses longer.

If you take many hours with placed lenses, it is likely that you are will dehydrate and make you eye damage. For this reason, you must remove them and soak in a case with the solution for at least one hour.

Replaces the boxes of contact lenses every time, the doctors recommend that this period does not exceed 3 months. To make it easier to remember, as it is a period similar to the useful life of a toothbrush, you can change both at the same time when, for example, a quarter or a new season begins.

How To Preserve The Contact Lenses lenses contact case

Before storing the lenses, you have to clean and rinse the case with solution, but you have to do the same with the contact lenses, this way you make sure of that everything has disinfected properly.

Always close the pot of the solution, it is important to protect it from any agent thanks to the cap, this will also help keep lenses.

Respect the recommendations of an ophthalmologist and the lens, especially the monthly ones. If lenses are daily, weekly, or monthly, do not overwhelm this period, since from this moment begin to deteriorate and, otherwise, you would hurt your eyes.

This article is purely informative, in Dinzie we have no power to prescribe any medical treatment or perform any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a physician in the case to present any kind of condition or malaise.

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