How To Write A Letter To Request A Meeting

Many people in society lead a busy life. Therefore in order to meet with someone, it is almost essential that you plan a good time as well as a place for a meeting. For informal meetings, a simple text message or phone call, usually works. For formal meetings, a letter can be sent to the person. While this letter does not have to be long, you must address the reason for the meeting, possible dates as well as times for meeting, and request tracking.

How To Write A Letter To Request A Meeting letter write meeting

Start the letter with the date, the recipient address as well as greeting, for example, “Dear Mr. John” If you work in a separate place from the recipient, include your physical address as well as the recipient’s address. Addresses are of vital importance if you are sending the letter, but it is not necessary if you are sending an email.

Start the body of the letter expressing his desire to meet with the person. For example, you could write: “I’m writing this letter to request a meeting with you.

Indicate the reason why you want to be as well as the duration that estimates that it will have the meeting.

Offer potential dates as well as available times in writing, with a phrase such as: “During the week of March 21, I’m available to get together any day between 9 am as well as noon.

Request alternative dates if your potential dates do not coincide with the schedule of the person. It is possible to write it this way: “If these dates do not coincide with their schedules, please send me a date as well as alternative schedules“.

Ask for a follow-up to the meeting.

Finally, add your contact information.

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