How To Change A Fuse in a Plug

How many times has it happened to you that a plug has stopped working and you didn’t know what was the reason? In many cases the blame will be the fuse, precisely, the filament that makes it work which might be broken. We give you some tips on how to change a fuse step by step.

How To Change A Fuse fuse change plug

As we can see in the picture, in the first place should unscrew the coupling, where is the fuse. You must be careful in this step and twist slowly because, if too much pressure is made or turned very hard, the fuse can break and we have a bigger problem.

Carefully remove the fuse that, if it is broken, can leave remnants of shattered glass that would make it worse. If the fuse is broken, so the filament as the glass coating that surrounds it, you will have to change it. Please, pay attention to the amps of the fuse: these are written in one of the two metal parts in small text along with the Volt and it is indicated with an A.

How To Change A Fuse fuse change plug

Then we are looking for a new fuse and return it to insert into the plug, again very carefully, as with the least force we can break it.

Finally we tighten it well and test if it is working correctly, if it does not, we will know that the problem is different and will be the time to call a specialist.

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