How To Decorate A Space With Minimalist Style

Elegance, simplicity and lightness. These are the three pillars on which the minimalist decor hangs, a style that is dominated by the colours and simplicity. Many households have joined the premises of minimalist style and offer interiors decorated with few furnishings, ornate elements and, above all, with a similarity to the zen world aura. If you want to decorate your home by following this style, read this article from Dinzie where we tell you how to decorate a space with minimalist style.

How To Decorate A Space With Minimalist Style style minimalist home

To fill your home with a minimalist style, the first thing you should know is that this style is based on a specific theme: less is more. For example, the elegance of this decoration is based, precisely, on showing half-naked spaces, with few furnishings, few colors and few decorative elements. So, is committed to simple d├ęcor where furniture is simple (Nothing too crowded or with different colors) and with many straight lines.

To offer this feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, this style fits perfectly with high, wide and luminous spaces. The baroque conception of excess, surcharge or colors is totally contrary to the minimalism that focuses on simple objects with neutral tones, furniture and empty spaces.

Thus, to observe the basic colours of the minimalism these decorative principles they will be soft hues with neutral colours and have a monochrome between all the elements that are in the space. If you have white walls, parquet floors and white curtains, opts for a sofa that is crude or brown clearly and rule out the possibility of colours such as red or lilac. The contrast between the black and white is a milestone of this style because there are two neutral shades that stay sober, elegant and bright.

How To Decorate A Space With Minimalist Style style minimalist home

You will have to pay special attention in choosing furniture that will populate your home. To get to decorate a space with minimalist style, it is important that you opt for a simple design with pure geometric shapes, straight lines and noble materials. Low-rise furniture and more than high and narrow widths are also prioritized. The most suitable materials to comply with the tenets of this style are the cement, glass, stones or wood. Furniture that have any ornament are, therefore, discarded if you want to decorate your home in a minimalist way.

How To Decorate A Space With Minimalist Style style minimalist home

Fabrics or textiles you want to put in your home must also comply with the guidelines of this decoration. Thus, curtains or carpets will have to be sober, smooth, neutral tones so that they are in harmony with the rest of the stay. Rustic fabrics made with linen or rustic can fit very well with the style of your home; However, the patterned or with ethnic touches not combined at all.

If you have a terrace or garden you should know that you can incorporate the minimalist style but giving it a different feel; the chill out is the most suitable. In this Dinzie article we tell you how to decorate a garden-style chill-out.

How To Decorate A Space With Minimalist Style style minimalist home

Embellishments in the minimalist spaces also have their place, you do not need to have the House completely empty. Yes we have to make sure what colors to match the rest of the home or, if you want, you stand out in a unique way. For example, put a red pad or a bouquet of blue flowers is a good idea and does not break with this style. What if we have to ensure is that these different elements are unique in each room, so highlight by themselves but without breaking with monochrome needed this type of decoration.

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