Home Remedies For Weight Gain

We are always talking about how to lose weight, burn calories, etc. But what if our problem is precisely that we are very thin? Therefore it is necessary that we increase the weight but to achieve this goal not anything goes: we should be in a healthy way so that our body is in perfect condition. So nothing to eat fat or fast food, is essential to you getting fat but given your state of health. In this article from Dinzie we will detail you some home remedies to increase weight and thanks to which you can earn a few extra pounds without harming your health.

Home Remedies For Weight weight gain body

One of the best remedies for gaining weight is the fenugreek, a seed that contains properties that are very similar to estrogen, so it helps to increase the volume of the chest and buttocks; It is also optimal for reducing cholesterol and glucose balance. You can get tablets made with this product in any store of natural products, or if you prefer, you can directly buy the seeds and make infusions.

To make an infusion with this product only, you will have to boil some water and fenugreek seeds leaving to cook all together for ten minutes. Strain it and takes a cup just waking up and another half an hour later. With this you will increase your appetite, too, adding up to the calories stored in your body in a healthy way.

Another good way to gain weight naturally is to prepare drinks or shakes that are elaborated with products rich in calories as, for example, banana and milk. The banana fruit is worth mentioning as the most caloric, in addition, mixing them with milk we get a drink full of nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats that will help us to gain weight. If you want to sweeten your shake, best to leave aside the white sugar since it is quite harmful for the organism and you opt for more natural alternatives such as, for example, honey.

At Dinzie we suggest you other options to replace the sugar in your diet.

Home Remedies For Weight weight gain body

One of the most recommended ways to help us gain weight is Dandelion since you get to increase the appetite naturally, thus, making that have more hunger. This is because it has a bitter taste that and this stimulates the flow of bile. But to get this property to work for us, we have to take dandelion at least 3 times a day, and one of them must be fair to wake up, with empty body.

You can choose to go to a natural products store or, if you prefer you can prepare an infusion with this plant. You will have to put water to boil with a handful of flowers and leave that all together boil for about ten minutes; then strain and drink only water.

Dried fruits are also perfect partners to help you gain weight in a natural way and without endangering your health. All nuts are that most stand out since they are rich in good fats and get filled with calories, as well as vitamins and nutrients very favorable for your body.

Another home to gain weight remedy is gentian, a herb that has properties that help to digest food in addition to whet the appetite. This remedy is often prescribed to people who have passed any disease and must regain your figure, however, it is also suitable to add it in the diet of people who costs bloat.

The best way to take it is using tablets available in natural food stores or, if you prefer, you can directly buy bags for teas that you can take after each meal.

Fruits can also be great allies to help you gain weight in a healthy way. But not all serve since there are many who are especially indicated for precisely the opposite. From fruits with more calories is, above all, the coconut has 100 grams that you take you are putting in your body 230 kcal.

Other high-calorie fruit that is the date that you are also taking 230 kcal per 100 grams, but is also perfect to stimulate appetite and, therefore, have more desire to eat and gain weight healthfully. Avocado, Cherimoya or grapes are also ideal to make your goal. In this article from Dinzie you is going to discover some of the fruits with more calories.

But in addition to food items, if you want to gain weight it is essential that you also develop your body doing exercises designed to increase muscle mass. However, it is also essential that combines cardiovascular exercise to ensure a smooth operation of your vital organs and, thus, of your body.

You must opt-out exercises that work out your muscle and, thus, get gain a few kilograms and you see more full-bodied. Gym weight machines are a good option but also you can exercise at home doing abdominal or purchase weights that will help you to work the muscle. To increase the volume trick it is in making few repeats but with much weight, so you get to enlarge your body mass.

This article is purely informative, at Dinzie we have no power to prescribe any medical treatment or perform any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a physician in the case to present any kind of condition or malaise.

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