How To Prune Hydrangeas Plants

Hydrangeas are very common in gardens and balcony plants, since its flowers are large and stand out, they can be of different colors from a wide color gamut. It is very easy to plant cuttings from hydrangea at home, and the care that requires this plant is not a lot. Still, we’ll have to make at least one pruning during the year so the plant grows strong and healthy. In this Dinzie article, you’ll learn in detail how to prune hydrangeas.

How To Prune Hydrangeas plant hydrangeas at

One of the main things that we must remember when pruning hydrangeas is the time of the year, because people often make serious mistakes in terms of the correct time to do so. When it comes to prune a hydrangea it must be at the end of summer, and not in winter or spring as often done mistakenly.

How To Prune Hydrangeas plant hydrangeas at

The hydrangea is a plant that needs large amounts of water, so it will be fundamental to prune those branches that already are not flourished and flowers from the previous season that the nutrients are better dealt in strong and vital parts of the plant.

How To Prune Hydrangeas plant hydrangeas at

Also, you must also withdraw those new branches that have only a fingertip at the end, so it will produce only a flower. Otherwise, they are going to absorb some of the energy of the plant and the flowers will not grow vigorously.

It is important to clear the center of the plant, where old woo tends to accumulated, and avoid branches. Thus, the new branches will grow better, and flowers will be much larger and more beautiful. Twisted or diseased branches can be cut at any time of the year.

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