Home Remedies For Baby Gas Pain

Have you ever heard ever your baby fart? Do you know that fumes cause convulsions and cramps? Cramps are painful contractions of the abdomen that babies suffer in more or less the 12 weeks following birth. The main reason along with the difficulty to evacuate feces, is to expel gases. Baby gases are normal; 70-80% of babies suffer from gas; However, gas, swelling of the abdomen and/or cramps, can be very annoying for the child, you can use home remedies to soothe the baby.

One way to relieve baby gas and swelling is through the application of heat to stimulate the metabolism. It is very important to control the temperature, babies have very sensitive skin and applying too much heat could burn their skin.

We can provide dry heat to the baby by using a hot water bottle. We must fill the bottle with hot water (about 40° C) and put it in a cloth bag (never place the plastic bottle directly, we could burn the baby). Then it should be placed above the belly. The heat will relieve gas and stomach cramps.

We can also relieve the gases of the baby with baths. Baths are recommended from the fourth week of life and can last even 20 minutes.

A different way to relieve baby gas is by giving them a gentle abdominal massage on the belly in a circular motion; massage will relax them and give general well-being. There are studies that confirm that massages help babies neurologically as physiologically.

Another home remedy for baby gases are certain herbal infusions. We must be aware that the fact that the baby has gas brings you other added inconvenience that also must be treated.

Chamomile is ideal for gases, fennel has anti-inflammatory effects, anise is digestive, and caraway is antispasmodic. Prepare a tea with these herbs to alleviate the symptoms, you can even prepare an infusion with mixture of different species. It is very important to check the temperature of the infusion before you give it to him/her and, above all, consult your pediatrician.

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