How to Take Care of Car Leather Seats

Taking care of the car leather seats should be done with specific products for this material, avoiding moisturizer for human skin, which ultimately could lead to unwanted effects. In addition to proper cleansing, let’s get started.


Keeping dust-free skin is basic, so we recommend that each week you vacuum clean to remove any dust.

In addition, once a month you should apply specific products for the cleaning of the leather. At this point, we recommend that you do not use moisturizer for people, since in the long run they can produce unwanted effects.

How To Care For Leather Car Seats skin seats car

It is highly recommended that you always have in the car a special leather cleansing wipes. You can buy them in a supermarket.

To prevent leather becoming discolored and quarter, when you can, avoid sun exposition to the leather of car seats. So, leave it parked indoors or, if not possible, in areas that may be in the shade.

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