What Are The Differences Between Pilates And Yoga

Yoga or Pilates? Surely more than once you have had this question and the fact is these two techniques have some points in common, but also, many significant differences that you should know if what you want is to choose any of the two practices to work every day. At Dinzie we’ll discover you what are the differences between Pilates and yoga emphasizing the characteristics of each method, but also, indicating the differences and similarities that exist between the two. The objective is that you end up choosing what exercise is right for what you’re looking to incorporate into your routine.


We will start talking about Yoga, it is an ancient technique whose origin is to be found in India. This practice is not only physical exercise but Yoga also tries to find the perfect union between the mind and body through concentration, breathing and the practice of asanas (i. e. Yoga postures). Therefore, yoga is a spiritual exercise that also has important benefits in our physical condition but without this being the main objective.

During the practice of yoga we put our body to different muscle stretching through different positions, it is a static exercise because the objective is to maintain postural equilibrium since, to achieve this, you need a great mental concentration. Thus, thanks to the balance of the mind you also gets the body’s balance because the human being is a whole that is strongly connected.

What Are The Differences Between Pilates And Yoga yoga pilates body

Thus, yoga is a factor that is very important: meditation. Be able to concentrate, connect with your interior to be able to bring the tranquility and relaxation to the outside is the goal pursued with asanas. This practice is not a physical exercise, but it is a philosophy of life, a way of understanding that to achieve peace, tranquility and balance will have to try to unite the two poles of the mind and the body that seems to be so distanced.

What Are The Differences Between Pilates And Yoga yoga pilates body

In addition, breathing in yoga requires an abdominal breathing that should be used during the practice of asanas. But, in addition to postures, during a yoga session is also engaged a time periods to control breathing and known under the name of “pranayama” (‘prana’ means ‘energy’ and ‘yama’ means ‘control’).

What Are The Differences Between Pilates And Yoga yoga pilates body


Pilates is a technique of physical and mental training that originated at the beginning of the 20th century. Joseph Pilates was the creator of this method that is inspired on principles of yoga, but also in gymnastics and Traumatology for trying to get a full year that get relaxation, controlled breathing and mind but also toning our body and keep it strong and athletic.

The main objective pursued by this method is to strengthen the body increasing muscle strength, improve flexibility and improving the coordination of the body using specific passive gymnastic exercises. Exercises that are conducted in a Pilates session are thus focused on the abdominal muscles are considered as the central body.

What Are The Differences Between Pilates And Yoga yoga pilates body

The abdominal muscles are those that more work in this discipline as the objective is to strengthen our energy Center and, thus, allow energy to flow throughout the body; for this reason, belly muscles are that most will work during these sessions.

Breathing in Pilates exercises are designed to teach how must breathe correctly, i. e. A few inhalations and exhalations that activate the abdominal and pelvic muscles to achieve a greater stabilization of our body posture thus, improve of back disorders that may suffer.

What Are The Differences Between Pilates And Yoga yoga pilates body

In summary, Pilates is more physical than Yoga practice and is intended to help treat or prevent muscle or bone injuries (osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.). Body getting a more toned result is strengthened through the breathing and relaxation.

Now that we have talked about the characteristics of both disciplines we’ll highlight the differences between yoga and Pilates so you can get to know them and, thus, choose what is that most adapts to your interests and preferences:

  • Pilates is meant for core strength while Yoga is for deep intense stretching
  • Pilates is energizing and fast paced while Yoga is meditative and makes you feel relaxed and centered
  • Both give you flexibility, better breathing, improved posture, stress relief and better sleep

After this, it might be clearer which of the two practices is better for you. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll have to settle on one or another, as you have seen, yoga is best suited to achieve spiritual peace and Pilates to strengthen the body and correct the same ailments.

So if you are looking for a low impact exercise that will help you to improve balance and flexibility as well as generate emotional well-being and relaxation, yoga is what you are looking for. It will help you to be in shape, but, above all, to have a more peaceful life.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a dynamic workout where you can improve breathing, correct your posture and, above all, tone your body, Pilates is what you’re looking for. It has no spiritual connotations but it seeks relaxation through deep breaths.

People who practice Yoga do not seek a physical exercise but is a lifestyle, a way of self-discovery which includes postures which exercise our muscles and improve our physical condition; Pilates is designed to, above all, exercise the body consciously and without risk to injuries.

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