How To Dress To Look Higher

Clothing is something that, depending on how we use it, can help us to enhance the strengths of our figure and correct the weaknesses to be more attractive. Making a good choice of garments and combining them correctly, it is possible to look slimmer, younger, etc. Specifically, in the next article we’ll see some very useful tips on how dressing to look higher, put them into practice and add a few centimeters over your height.

How To Dress To Look Like High look dress high

The monochromatic looks are ideal to dress and look higher, because they create an optical effect that lengthens and stylized figure. In addition, this type of outfits today day are part of the latest trends and thus have seen it on the catwalk and the collections of great designers. And if you want to accentuate the effect and look higher, bet on dark colors such as black, grey, Navy Blue, Brown or green oil. It does not mean that every day you have to wear these shades, you can book them for occasions in which you want to stylize your silhouette.

How To Dress To Look Like High look dress high

Many overlapping garments should be both wear those with too much volume, will make your figure look wider and, at the same time will be shorter. They are preferable to garments that are rather tight to your body, but taking into account at all times if the tight clothing to your figure or not. It is to seek a balance and wear clothes that make you seem more attractive at the same time but high.

How To Dress To Look Like High look dress high

A valuable trick in the task of dressing to look like high is to wear garments of vertical stripes. They are excellent, in addition, to create a diplomatic outfit very elegant and stylish. Fine against are more stylized stripes will be your figure, especially in the upper part. So do not hesitate to incorporate into your wardrobe a blazer, a shirt or a blouse of vertical stripes of color that you like. In the same way that vertical stripes stylize, discards completely horizontal stripes clothing since they widen and shorten the figure.

Dresses, shirts, t-shirts or vests with V-neckline are clothes that also enhance the vertical visual effect and help to look higher. Take advantage of this tip especially in evening / prom dress to achieve, in addition, a very sensual and feminine with a neckline more than suggestive look.

How To Dress To Look Like High look dress high

Among all models of pants found in shops, which give better results to appear higher than are straight cut and the skinny fashion. Waiver of court mid-calf capri pants, they make your legs look shorter and wider hips.

For its part, the best choice at skirts are which are above the knee. Will they make your legs look longer, stylized your figure to the maximum.

Shelters are the clothing that can make us see more slender, stylized and high. They are ideal shelters carved to the waist, cut Princess and buttons. The latter even small items, get create a vertical optical line that lengthens the upper part of the body, helping our height.

And, of course, a good heel shoes are our best allies for seem higher. If you want to be comfortable and add a few centimeters over your height without being noticed, you can appeal to the inner heels that are hidden under the templates. This is an excellent alternative for safe walking and stylize the figure, we encourage you to try them.

How To Dress To Look Like High look dress high

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