How To Avoid Bike Theft

If you move around by bike around the city you know it well: This means of transport is a great temptation for thieves, who frequently steal bicycles to resell them, use their parts or just to sell the metal with which are made and make good money. And when they cannot get the whole bike then, fear not, they will disarm the weak points and leave you without the seat, a wheel or the handlebar. But preventing this from happening is possible taking into account some important steps, at Dinzie you will learn how to prevent bike theft with success.

How To Avoid Bike Theft I bike theft bicycle

In the same way that occurs with the theft of cars or motorcycles, your bike is safer the better parked and tied it is, the less chance there is of theft. A simple mistake is enough to become an opportunity for those who seek them.

If you can leave the bicycle stored indoors or inside your building during the night much better, this reduces significantly the possibilities of your bike getting stolen. But that is not always possible and there are many occasions where you have to park on the street, for those cases follow the steps that we give you below.

How To Avoid Bike Theft I bike theft bicycle

One of the most important aspects to prevent bicycle theft is the choice of the locks. It must be thick, safe and resistant, it is important that they have a good score of safety and are certified, especially if you park the bike in the street.

You will need at least two padlocks to attach each of the wheels of the bike together, as well as a padlock in spiral for the seat in the event that you do not want to remove it whenever you park the bike.

But what locks are the safest? When it comes to parking the bike in the street and hinder theft the type of locks that we choose it is fundamental, avoid the thin chains that cost little money and that with the right tools anyone can break easily, opt for quality products.

The best system is the padlock, less likely to get your bicycle stolen.

How To Avoid Bike Theft I bike theft bicycle

Just having the best locks on the market will not be enough if you do not know how to tie the bike. If you want to avoid bicycle theft it is important to secure it properly, ensuring that disassembling a bicycle part is not possible.

How To Avoid Bike Theft I bike theft bicycle

Now you know what locks to purchase and how to prevent theft, but knowing where to park is also important. It is recommended to choose lit spaces and frequent transit, by places where have more bikes and in which it is difficult to steal. It is also important to avoid carrying our bike to areas in which thefts are frequent, abandoned sites or with little traffic. And also very crowded places as concerts or sporting events, as with the big crowds there are always thieves lurking to some careless innocent.

And, just as a prevention, it is useful to have a picture and the serial number of your bike so that, in the event of theft, you can report it. Making the complaint is important to avoid that those engaged in this illegal business can continue unpunished.

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