How To Know If I Am A Sex Addict

Contrary to what many may think, when a woman has a large sexual appetite it does not mean she is nymphomaniac. This term describes a disorder, which is suffering an addiction to sex and is impossible to control by one’s own compulsive sexual behavior. This is a great dependency of sexual activities which, in most cases, causes that the person may not lead a completely normal life and their social relations are considerably affected. For this reason, it is imperative to seek medical help and start psychological treatment appropriate in each case. In this article from Dinzie, show all the signs and signals that respond to the question of how to know if I am a nymphomaniac.

Although it is not entirely clear what causes nymphomania, specialists have pointed out that hyper sexuality or sex addiction can be motivated by different factors and that a confluence of them could be the element responsible for this suffering.

It is important not to confuse nymphomania with an  increased sexual appetite, because the first is a very complex disorder in which the person is not able to control this violent and insatiable sexual desire and, in addition, this creates a great dependency on sexual activities.

How To Know If I Am A Sex Addict sexual sex may

Symptoms or signs that can alert that a person suffers from nymphomania

These are presented differently and vary in severity in each patient, they tend to increase with time, reason why it is so important to receive treatment suitable as soon as possible.

In addition to the above, we can say that this hyper sexuality is very associated to paraphilias, as for example the voyeurism and the suffering of other types of disorders or addictions, such as alcoholism, compulsive gambling, obsessive compulsive disorder, disorders of depression, personality, etc.

For this reason, each patient should be treated differently. This is of utmost importance to avoid sex addiction to proceed and will severely affect mental health, physical and social life of the affected person.

When a person develops symptoms or behaviour patterns above, you should seek immediate medical and specialized support. This is very important when it feels that it has been lost control of his behavior or sexual impulses, if it starts to negatively affect their relationships to personal, social or labour, if not you can stop thinking about sexuality even when striving for not doing so, or if you are trying to hide this sexual behavior.

The consultation with a professional duty be done urgently a lot if she is also suffering from other types of disorders or mental illness, or if they begin to have thoughts suicidal.

Treatment for sex addiction or nymphomania is based on helping the patient control his compulsive sexual behavior therefore, and, get to both improve their intimate relations as personal. You must carry out a psychological cognitive-behavioral therapy, in which the problem will first be evaluated, a sex education program, of managing emotions and prevention techniques to be able to control the violent and insatiable sexual desire will be established.

Such treatment shall be determined on the basis of the characteristics of each patient, i. e. Taking into account his medical history and staff, its development and factors that have been able to trigger the hypersexuality. In some cases, it is possible that specialist prescribed by the administration of psychotropic drugs and a parallel treatment if there are other disorders or psychological pathologies. The ultimate goal is to ensure that that person is able to build a healthy relationship with himself, with his sexuality and others.

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