How To Shave Pubic Hair

The pubic hair removal offers hygiene and comfort in the intimate zone, especially during those days of the month. There are many techniques for shaving the pubis and not all are synonymous with pain, some must be carried out by a professional and others are so practical that they can be made at home.

It is ideal to withdraw the excess pubis hair with scissors before shaving, to make a more successful hair removal. The duration of the procedure and its finish time depends on the technique you choose, so it is recommended that you evaluate the options well. See in the next article of Dinzie, how to depilate the pubis.

Shaving is the most common method for shaving the pubis and the less painful also. The main advantage of shaving is that we can go to it when you want, without an appointment, and in the comfort of home. However, this does not removes hair from the root, which makes them grow faster in comparison to other methods of hair removal.

How To Shave Pubic hair pubis shaving

If you decide to shave pubic with a Shaver, it is important that wall before a foam or cream to avoid pores are irritated. Preferably performs the procedure with cold water and a shaver of several leaflets. After doing so do not forget to moisturize your skin to reduce discomfort.

This method of hair removal can be painful. This is done by applying hot wax in the intimate zone and removing it when it is dry. The pain occurs when pulling the dry wax to start root pubic hairs. Waxing is it is worth mentioning that the most effective, and it is recommended that it be performed by a specialist to avoid burns or injuries in this sensitive area.

This method has the advantage that hair, by being booted from the root, takes much longer to grow, approximately 15 days. It is ideal for seasons such as the summer, when you need to spend more time with the perfectly shaved area. Another advantage of the intimate waxing is that hair is weakened with the passage of time, so it will grow less and pain decreases in future hair removal sessions.

Then make this hair removal, is recommended to apply a moisturizer or anti-inflammatory cream to prevent skin irritation and redness on the shaved area.

Depilation creams are also an option for shaving the pubis

They have the advantage that the hair does not grow as fast as with shaving, but nor will take so long to grow as with waxing. You can get these creams in any perfumery and you must choose it according to your gender, since the male hair is thicker than the women’s, so you’ll find male and female depilation cream.

The process consists of applying the product in the pubic area, leave the minutes indicated in the instructions, and then remove with a spatula that is included in the package. These creams usually contain many chemicals that can irritate the skin, so you should take precautions or choose another method of hair removal if your skin is very sensitive.

Laser hair removal offers almost partially remove pubic hair

This method is done by session and the amount of them varies according to the colour of the person’s skin and the color and thickness of the hair, aspects that can facilitate or hinder the passage of the light pulsed laser to the follicle.

This method is carried out in specialized aesthetic where you can see the cost of the treatment, the number of sessions you need and when you start to see results. Usually the first changes occur after the second session.

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