The Best Fruits For Athletes

If you’re sporty, it is usual that ever you have wondered about the best fruits there to pay the most for your training as well as the best to refuel and allow the muscle tissues to recover of the physical wear. The first thing to consider is when take these fruits that have a glycemic index low must be taken before the train and that it have high is better to eat them after allowing the hydration and physical recovery. In this article from Dinzie are going to discover you the best fruits for athletes that will help you get the most your hours in the gym.

The Best Fruits For Athletes best fruits athletes

One of the best fruits for athletes is, without a doubt, banana or banana. We are accustomed to seeing professional sports or tennis players taking a banana during the matches, the reason is that this ingredient is full of potassium, an essential mineral that helps alleviate the contraction of the muscles as well as facilitate neuromuscular activity. This way, take a banana after training will help us to recover fitness wear and prevent injuries or muscle cramps.

The Best Fruits For Athletes best fruits athletes

The banana contains two sugars (fructose and glucose) which, when combined, help is to absorb carbohydrates in the intestines thus, take advantage of the power of food. This fruit is also rich in magnesium, a mineral which helps reduce fatigue and feeling tired helping release energy gradually.

Apple is also another more suitable food for athletes since it is the most complete fruit that there is: it contains fiber, vitamin water, C, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. For all these components, the Apple is one of the best options to take after since physical training that will help your body return to hydrate, as well as promote muscle recovery.

The seasonal fruits such as strawberries and watermelon are also highly recommended for athletes. Strawberries contain a large amount of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components that keep the body in an optimal state of health. In addition, it also has the property let us retrieve the electrolytes that are lost during training, something which favours the recovery of wear. It has a glycemic index low so it is recommended to take them before the exercise.

For his part, watermelon is also highly recommended but its IG is quite high, so you must take after the qualifying to take advantage of its regenerative properties and moisturizers that help to restore normal levels of the body.

The best fruits for athletes include all those that are citrus (especially stands out the Orange and kiwi) because they have a high content of vitamin C. This nutrient helps us that more effort can be done during exercise because it has many antioxidants as well as help strengthen the immune thus, system, making that the cells are strong and healthy. In this article from Dinzie we reveal the benefits of vitamin C.

The Best Fruits For Athletes best fruits athletes

If you are looking for is to be able to increase the intensity of your workout, as well as to ensure that your muscles are developed with the exercise, the fruit that can not miss in your diet is avocado. It is an ingredient of fatty acids that help to a functioning cell, as well as contribute to the arteries are clean of cholesterol. The avocado is a fruit with a large amount of proteins, nutrient that allows the growth of muscle fibers as well as the energy explosion.

Another of the best fruits to make sport are the grapes. Keep in mind that during physical training, our body receives one higher amount of oxygen, which can increase free radicals in our body and cause a premature oxidation of the cells. Eat grapes after doing sport manages to prevent this impact because it is an antioxidant fruit that manages to keep our body in optimal conditions of health.

But if you’re not very passionate fruit, you should know that you can take advantage of these benefits preparing delicious (and nutritious) smoothies that will help replenish energy, hydrate your body and fill yourself with vitamins. In this article from Dinzie we suggest you some smoothies for athletes that mix the fruits that we have named above as, for example, make a smoothie that combine strawberries, banana and kiwi with a little milk skim, delicious and very energetic!

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