Tips To Educate My Children

We all know that the education of children is not an easy task, but is a task complicated as well as fundamental. The growth of children will be marked by the way in which we educate them at home, along with school education and other external factors. Therefore, we must be very aware of how important that is to educate them properly, especially when they do not behave well or in conflict situations. In this article from Dinzie, we offer some tips to educate your children, hoping to prove you very useful.

Tips To Educate My Children children them educate

When it comes to educating your children, it is essential that your behavior and your actions are exemplary, i. E. You ca not do what you do not allow them to make them. Parents always are a model for the little ones, so you will have to set an example at all times.

Not all children should be treated equal, since the character of each one of them will be different; so it is going to happen some of the same if you have several children. These differences in the way of being and his temper are what determine the degree of activity of the small, the ease of looking distracted, the way to react to new situations or intensity when it comes to express their feelings. In such a way that we make their education on this basis so that they grow the best forms

While it is true that children need to explore the world and learn from the experience, it will be essential to set the limits of what is acceptable and unacceptable. Otherwise, if we let them do as they please at all times, we’ll be spoiling them. It will be necessary that you explain them in a simple way and according to their age why should not do something and what will happen when they fail to meet with what has been agreed. You must also be very clear how to make a toddler understand No, so they know that not everything is allowed.

It is necessary that your children understand the relationships of cause and effect, i. E., what is the consequence of a bad conduct. This way, take conscience of what should not do, since then will happen something negative. For example, warn you that if you leave toys in the driveway, the car can crush them.

In addition, possible punishments or reprisal must be related to what you have done wrong. I. E. If they get home late, the result may not be to punish them without tele, but it the ideal will be such that the next day they cannot leave with their friends.

Tips To Educate My Children children them educate

On the other hand, good conduct and correct behavior should also be reflected. This does not reward a child with something material, but it may be enough praise, a greeting, a smile, a hug, etc.

You must not fall into providing bribes to change that to act well, just have to reward them when they deserve it.

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