How To Train For A Biathlon/Duathlon

We are sure that once you have heard the triathlon, that Olympic test consisting of 1. 5 km swimming, 40 in bike and 10 running, but did you know that there is also the Biathlon? It is a form of Triathlon in which the partial swimming is replaced by another race walk. Thus, the Olympic distance are ten km walk, 40 bike and other 5 minute walk. If you are motivated and want to try, in Dinzie you will learn how to train for a Biathlon so you reach the lines of output in the best physical shape possible.

How To Train For A Duathlon train bike duathlon

We can divide the training into three phases: from base, in which we will take on the preparation needed to face a test of these characteristics; the of force, in which we can include the work of gym; and the phase speed, with which we sharpen to reach 100%. According to the experience of each bi, each phase will last. For example, beginners need about 12 weeks for the first two, which can be reduced to 8 for those who have any season in this the Biathlon. Phase speed should never exceed 8 weeks.

In the base period we can follow two-week cycles. We altered the bike and the run every day, although a week will pay more attention to the bike and the other to the foot race. Thus, the first week we can combine sessions about 50 or 70 km by bike, not more than 80% of our heart rate, with filming for 40 minutes; While in the second, the shooting will rise up to 60 or 70 minutes and the km bike they will be reduced to 30 or 40. In the second week, the last of the plan includes two days of rest, one of them.

How To Train For A Duathlon train bike duathlon

Now that we have a good base, comes the time to “get strong”, including any daily double session. Once again, we elaborate a plan for 14 days in which we alternate bike and foot race. We will reduce the mileage of bike, but will seek tough tours and climb rate. It is also advisable to make some test timed to 90 or 95%. In the foot race, we can also begin to include slopes. In this period, you could dedicate a day to transitions, with ten minutes series of bike and 1,000 meters on foot. You should also work the abdominal and the fitness in the gym.

How To Train For A Duathlon train bike duathlon

And we have reached a period of speed, which we will continue in the weeks leading up to the biathlon. It should never exceed 8 weeks, although it is not exceed 6 weeks. We must lower the mileage to do some quality training, and we will separate the long sessions. The only exception are the days that we trained transition (one day a week as a minimum), and will include one day of rest. In the following article exercises you can see good to gain speed.

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