How to Remove Matted Hair in My Dog

If your dog has long hair you need to be very careful so it looks healthy and does not form matted hair. It is recommended to brush it daily. If we forgot or we’ve left it in the care of another person who has not been able to do it correctly, we have a problem, since mats in the hair of the dogs are not easy to undo, causing them to cause pain to our pet, and leading sometimes to a haircut. To help you in the task, here you’ll learn how to remove your dog’s matted hair.

 How To Remove My Dog Hair Knots dog hair knots

If our pet hair has neglected too and hair mats are very tight, the best thing we can do is cut its hair and wait again to grow, while we practice proper care so that the hair of the dog is taken care of: brushed daily and proper shampoo wash.

If we tried to untangle some matted hair already highly consolidated, what we would do would be breaking the hair and cause pain to the dog with the skin pulls.

Try untangling the matted hair of the hair of the dog with the fingers, checking that they are not very hard and we are able to undo them, we may still be able to save the hair. The first thing we have to do is, in fact, begin to undo the knots with your fingers. This step should forget combs, that the only thing they would do would be to close more knots.

After soften so tangled hair, we prepare a bath with hot water for the dog. Then, wash the pet using lots of special dog shampoo all over the body. Then we clarify well with hot water and extend throughout the body a conditioner that we use for our hair and leave it act for about five minutes. So that the dog does not get bored or it disturbs, we must entertain with a toy in the tub.

Once we stop acting conditioner to help undo the matted hair of the hair of the dog, we clarify very well with hot water without leaving any remaining product. Then, start to dry the hair with a hair dryer, while we combed it with a comb of metal and wider spikes, best suited for the hair mats.

If we do not put an end to all matted hair of the hair of the dog in this way, we’ll wait for the next bath to repeat the operation.

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