How to fix Lag is a highly competitive fast-paced online multiplayer game where a millisecond can really make you win or lose, specially when other snakes try to trap you by circling around or get in your way.

There’s a few solutions to fix the lag while playing which we have separated into two sections: Hardware and Connection. lag

Hardware solutions to fix Lag

First problem why you may encounter lag is because your computer is not fast enough to process so many objects in the screen, so your frame rate or FPS (Frames Per Second) drop. To improve the framerate make sure you close any apps you don’t need running as well as any browser tabs.

Also, before starting the game, make sure to select “Low Quality” graphics so you don’t render prettier effects and waste your limited graphic resources of the CPU/GPU. You want to win, not look at pretty things!

If you are playing on a laptop, plug it in, this way the computer can drain as much energy as it needs without depending on the battery state.

Improve your Connection to fix Lag

First of all, if you are on a Wi-Fi connection try to get a wired one, this simple thing helps a lot in terms of reducing the Ping/Lag to servers. If you can’t have a wired connection, at least get closer to the Wi-Fi access point or router and make sure there are no objects in between, specially metallic ones.

Now, make sure there are no microwaves close to you and these are not used, also turn off any other devices that may create wireless communications such as radios, speakers, smartwatches, etc. Turn off wireless communications from any device you don’t need: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any other one.

Make sure to close any apps you have that may use your connection bandwidth such as BitTorrent or Mac/Windows updaters. Disable background data.

Game solutions

If you are using any mods or hacks to play, make sure you don’t abuse them and have the least enabled possible features. Also look for any options that can make everything simpler, such as removing the background image for a solid color. Every little helps.

If you use the Zoom Hack, make sure not to Zoom Out too much, this increases the amount of objects in the screen and makes everything much slower.

If you feel like the game is going really slow even though you’ve made all the tricks explained here, try moving your worm to a less crowded place such as the borders of the map (but not too close!), specially when you become really big!

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