How Obesity Affects Sex Life

It’s no secret to anyone that the excess weight is one of the main responsible of diverse and important conditions such as cardiac, respiratory, diabetes, among other problems. But of what little is speaks is of the effect of those kilos of more in our life intimate, by that in Dinzie want to address this delicate topic. In this article I explain how affects the obesity it life sexual.

The excess of weight affects our life of way important, with several consequences for our health as the increase in them levels of sugar and cholesterol, them difficulties for breathing and the apnea of the dream, them problems arterial due to the accumulation of fat in lla area, among other conditions. And it also has its effects in the sexual field.

How Affects The Obesity It Life Sex life obesity affects

Both in women as in men, the obesity produces the decrease of them levels of testosterone, a hormone responsible among others things of regular the appetite sexual, by what is usually present a libido low and lack of wish sexual, something that affects of form determinant it life intimate of them couples.

In men, overweight and sedentary lifestyles are leading to medium and long term to circulatory problems and heart conditions that affect the correct flow of blood, which translates into trouble to get and keep erections. Many obese men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

How Affects The Obesity It Life Sex life obesity affects

The problems of circulation blood affect also to them women, as the flow of blood right not arrives to the clitoris to the time of the Act sexual, decreasing the pleasure and enjoy during those meetings.

How Affects The Obesity It Life Sex life obesity affects

Obesity makes physical activities often strenuous, and must not forget that sex is an important cardiovascular exercise. Therefore unable to vary in sexual postures during the meetings, it is normal that people who are overweight also have a routine sex life where meetings, in addition to not being asked, are unsatisfactory.

This situation generates a great frustration that can significantly affect the couple’s relationship.

In addition to these conditions, reproductive level obesity has been associated with increasing the possibility of suffering from Polycystic ovaries, which hinders pregnancy. For the men, the sperm are much more slow, another condition that also affects the possibility of pregnancy.

How Affects The Obesity It Life Sex life obesity affects

Take a balanced diet, perform physical exercise and maintain a healthy life. This attitude is important to also have full and satisfactory sex encounters.

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