How To Choose Ski Sunglasses

With the arrival of winter, also comes the practice of sports of snow. While when think in the equipment for the practice of the sport, is us comes to it mind them skis, it table of snowboard or it clothes of coat that us safeguard of the cold, also is very important the choice of some glasses of Sun appropriate. It must take into account that the radiation reflected by the snow is very high and not adequate protection could have harmful effects on health. In this article of Dinzie we give a series of tips to choose correctly your glasses for the practice of ski.

How To Choose Ski Sunglasses glasses ski choose

According to the terrain and the weather, agree some glasses or others. For example, in environments of little light and with fog, is appropriate the use of lenses yellow, amber and Golden since allow see best them landings of land. Instead, the lenses pink are especially indicated for days gray, while for those days with much light, colors as the green or the Brown, because us help to improve them contrasts. The lenses with coating of mirror, despite being chosen by aesthetic, us help to block part of the glare.

The crystals must have high power filter, category 3 or 4, so that filter out at least 95% of the UV rays. Many people are unaware of this dato of their glasses of Sun and however is very important to get a transmission of the radiation proper.

How To Choose Ski Sunglasses glasses ski choose

With respect to the material of the frame, for safety, the best are polycarbonate glasses so that they are not damaged in the event of a fall.

In any case, most advisable is a specialist in sunglasses to supervise the election to ensure that we are buying the right product to the conditions in which we are going to practice sport.

How To Choose Ski Sunglasses glasses ski choose

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