What To Review In The Car Before Travel

Going on the road today is dangerous if we are not doing enough. There are many vehicles, trucks and agricultural machinery. But, we can do something to prevent problems and discomfort. Review the car or truck before traveling it is very important, not only for our security but others, also to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road.

What To Review In The Car Before Travel car check review

In some places it is mandatory to do a Vehicle Technical Inspection, which controls certain aspects of the automotive to give us a diagnosis. This, as much as one can question the business that hides behind that; it is useful for those who want to fix the car and avoid accidents.

Before I questioned this of the low lights for the mandatory day, but now I drive, I realize that it is necessary to use them, and that they have the corresponding power. At night, you must be careful, if you are very strong glare.

Each one, depending on its size, type, and weight of the car, you should have a different pressure. That you can refer to it in the car manual, internet forums that talk about mechanics or in a shop of trust. It is generally placed between 25 and 35, depending always on the features mentioned above. You should always check when cold, when the car has been idle for a few hours, and without charge.

What To Review In The Car Before Travel car check review

Is the water used in the refrigerant circuit (and the radiator) to keep cold the engine. Used distilled water, only in some models where indicated you will need to add coolant, but that you’ll have to check with the mechanic who advises you. Make sure you know where you are marking the maximum and minimum level in the tank, sometimes you can see very little; we recommend with fiber indelible.

Very important is to know that our brakes will respond to a need. Whether we come distracted, is crossed by an animal, we need to use them to stop at a traffic light or wherever, you have to check front and rear brakes, in addition to the route of the hand brake. To know if you are in conditions, you’ll need to test them at a normal speed and upon triggering of the pedal does not feel noise, hissing, deviations of the direction in which you are going.

What To Review In The Car Before Travel car check review

It is the one that tries to ensure that everything works without getting damaged, and it is vital for a vacation trip without mechanical problems. It should detect the location of the dipstick, remove it and clean it with kitchen paper, always with the car cold (minimum 4 hours without running and parked on a flat surface without slope). We introduce again the rod and you are waiting two minutes, pulls out and check the level, color, and if you have sand.

What To Review In The Car Before Travel car check review

If we grab a rain storm of land or any inclement weather, it is necessary that the wiper blades of the windshield wipers are in proper working and good condition. Bought for change at the houses of spare, service stations. To others, it is good to have always filled the tank of liquid to clean glasses, with a particular kind of chemical that will help your cleaning, fog avoiding and remove the bugs that cna get stuck on the screen in the path.

While you’re up the vehicle, ask another person to observe from the outside, the power of different lights. Winks, beacons, light of stop (when you press the brake pedal), reverse (when the reverse gear), the lights low, high, position, and any other that had the model of car that you have. Remember that in the Argentine Republic it is required by law, for more than ten years, the low-beam headlights lit during the 24 hours on all routes in the country.

What To Review In The Car Before Travel car check review

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