How To Clean Glass Like A Professional

It sometimes happens that when you clean a glass, we see that it is somewhat opaque. It’s like the cleaning has not been as transparent as when you bought it. It is very likely (I would say, “almost certain”) that happens because the dirt sometimes forms a layer difficult to remove and which is formed with many elements that swarm in the polluted air that we have in almost all the cities.

How To Clean Glass Like A Professional glass water use

Today I am going to share with you several tricks for cleaning glass, are simple things that you often use window cleaners professionals.

How To Clean Glass Like A Professional glass water use

Professionals in cleaning glass use 3 steps to do it.

Step 1. Warm water

The first step is to use water warm to heat (such as the one that you use to bathe) in a bucket mixed with white soap. This step is used to scrub the glass very well with a rag or a stick with foam rubber. The ideal of this step is to pass very well the water across the surface of the glass to get all the dirt, grease and other dirt that prevails in the glass. Then spend a lot of water to get the soapy water and dirt.

Step 2. Vinegar

The second step is to use hot water with vinegar, in the proportion of half a litre of vinegar to five litres of water (1 in 10). Use another rag to do this, and all the water. You’ll start to notice as the glass becomes more bright, it is a good sign. Also use pure water for rinsing.

Step 3. Alcohol

The third and last step is to get alcohol with a paper towel to finish cleaning up perfectly in the glass. The alcohol is going to remove some of the dirt more rebellious and give you a glow and stunning transparency.

For finish to dry, glass is a good idea to do it with a dry cloth of cotton. In any of the three methods, we recommend that the final drying be using this dry rag of cotton because that is the best way of ensuring that the glass is going to be perfect or almost perfect.

Good luck with your glasses!

How To Clean Glass Like A Professional glass water use

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