Causes Of Periodontitis

The periodontal disease or periodontitis makes reference to the inflammation and infection of those tissues that hold them parts dental. Is is of an infection caused by an excess of plate bacterial that not only affects to the tooth, but advances damaging them bones adjacent to the tooth, the gums, the membrane dental and them parts that cover the estate of them teeth. Dental treatment requires early, since in advanced stages it can lead to the loss of dental pieces affected as well as other oral problems. Still reading this article to know with accuracy what are the causes of the periodontitis and its factors of risk.

Causes Of Periodontitis them periodontitis dental

The cause main of the periodontitis is the accumulation of plate bacterial around them teeth and the gums, causing the appearance of what know as gingivitis. This condition oral is characterized by the inflammation of the gums and the bleeding of them same, but if is treated in time by a dentist professional them damage are fully reversible.

Now well, if the infection bacterial not is is of form early, this will advance progressively and could start to damage deeply and destroy them tissues and bones that is placed around the piece dental. This is what is called periodontitis or disease periodontal, which even can result in the loss of them teeth affected.

Causes Of Periodontitis them periodontitis dental

By this, is fundamental exercise to the maximum the measures of hygiene oral and go to the dentist of form periodic, because is the best form of prevent diseases periodontal. In order to perform a proper diagnosis, you should know that while gingivitis is a condition that manifests itself through gums swollen, reddened, sensitive and bleed easily during brushing, periodontitis have symptoms like those you detail below:

While the accumulation of plate bacterial is it cause main of the periodontitis, is worth mention that there are certain factors that increase the risk of suffering of this type of disease oral. Also be considered genetic predisposition, because there is a percentage of the population which, although carried out a good dental hygiene, is more vulnerable to gum disease than other people. In this case, will be more important still that the patient visit to your dentist frequently to receive them treatments appropriate that you help to keep your mouth perfectly healthy in all time.

Causes Of Periodontitis them periodontitis dental

Follow a diet poor devoid of some nutrients essential or suffer from diseases as anemia chronic, cancer or AIDS, are problems that cause that the patient has a system immune weakened. This makes the body not have sufficient defenses against infections, including affecting the teeth and gums in good health. Likewise, people with diabetes are also more likely to develop gum disease.

Another of the factors of risk of periodontitis is the habit of clenching or grinding the teeth frequently. This condition is the name of bruxism and to the long can give place to problems of bite and misalignment dental. This added to the condition of conditions of the gums, will make that the disease periodontal can advance of form much more rapid.

Causes Of Periodontitis them periodontitis dental

During stages as the pregnancy or the menopause, the body of the woman undergoes important changes and this also is extrapolates to the State of them parts dental and them gum. These will become much more sensitive and are more susceptible to the condition of gingivitis and diseases periodontal.

Finally, there are certain drugs as them contraceptive oral, them prescription for conditions of the heart, them antidepressants and them steroids that affect also to the State of them teeth and the gums and them return more sensitive before the condition of gingivitis and periodontitis.

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