How To Change My Car Battery

Do you feel that your car takes longer to start? Is power missing when climbing slopes or more elevated areas? If your vehicle is showing signs of this type of fault, surely you have to change the battery. Or which saying that there is always the possibility that go to your mechanic to make it replace it, but if you want to save money, in Dinzie you’ll learn how to change the battery of my car to do the repair yourself.

Before checking the appearance of the battery, you’ll have to turn off all the contacts of the drive to isolate the engine and prevent any type of electric shock. In addition, attempts to be in an isolated site and well ventilated to prevent poisoning caused by substances that are released into the engine (fuel, oil, coolant…)

If the battery has scratches, dings, or cracks, diagnosis is definitive: you’ll have to change it.

How To Change My Car Battery battery car terminal

If, instead, presents an impeccable appearance, but problems continue it can be a problem in the terminal or terminals, i. E. Buttons with plus and minus symbols hooked to wires from the alternator. If they are rusted, maybe that they hinder the flow of current in the motor and that the car loses power. If that is the case, clean the terminals or perform a cleaning of the terminals and recheck how circulates. If the problem persists, it is time to change the battery.

It is time to get out your engine problem. So, done with a spanner and remove negative terminal (which is anchored to the black wire) and then the positive terminal (red). Never remove the red, a small explosion could occur. To remove them be sure to leave them separated from each other and, if possible, covered by some type of insulating material.

Once this step is complete, you can use the key to unpin the fastening of the battery and remove it from the vehicle. It is advisable that, before introducing a substitute, you clean with hot water or some type of degreaser terminals and the tray where it is embedded.

Before installing our new battery, there are a few factors when choosing it and, if we do not want to make mistakes, more intelligent will carefully read the manual of the manufacturer that we deliver when we bought our car, in which shall specify the size, compatible brands or our original battery capacity. Based this is parameters, you can purchase a new one at any store that has a section of motor with standard prices of between 80 and 200 euros.

Now that we have the part at home, it is time to install it. We will place it in the tray that was embedded original battery, making sure that each terminal is in its correct position. First, using a spanner, we’ll anchor in positive terminal to the positive terminal and the negative terminal to its corresponding terminal. Make sure that the fixing is secured and you already have replacement for brand new!

  • It is very important that the contact of the car is turned off at all times
  • Read antentamente the manufacturer’s Guide to correctly choose the new battery
  • Once installed the replacement, there are recycling centers where you can carry the old one

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