How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona

Holy week is an ideal time to make a trip and take the opportunity to learn new cities and to disconnect from the routine. In addition, if you are looking for well and in advance it is possible to find offers for travel in Holy Week. Visiting Barcelona is one of the best places to travel in this period, with myriad of tourist attractions and where the spring is already sensed in the environment. Although it is a holiday of christian origin, what is certain is that in the Catalan capital you will find a great number of activities to carry out. Also, discover the delicious “cakes” Easter and the rest of gastronomy characteristic of this time. In this article Dinzie we explain in more detail how to enjoy the Holy Week in Barcelona.

How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona barcelona holy week

In the first place, if you are planning to travel to Barcelona during Holy Week will be necessary to know that the holidays in Catalonia are different to the rest of Spain: while Holy Thursday is not a holiday, yes it is Easter Monday. You must take this into account to get better organized, so as to make the flight bookings or transport tickets and accommodation.

How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona barcelona holy week

It is also worth noting that as in many other places, during the Holy Week in Barcelona will take place a large amount of religious events to celebrate this religious festival.

How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona barcelona holy week

This way, the Sunday before the Holy Week already takes place on the Sunday, when the streets are filled with children with palmones, palms, olive branches, laurel… To be blessed and have good luck the rest of the year the whole family.

How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona barcelona holy week

The processions with sacred images have a place on the Holy Friday, with the different Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods. Although they also have a place in the streets of Barcelona, it is worth noting the processions from the neighbouring city, L’hospitalet del Llobregat, where you get to gather up to a million people.

Travel to Barcelona during Holy Week, allow since to know also the surrounding area and visit the tourist attractions of other cities and towns in catalonia. Since in Holy Week, the spring makes an appearance (or even the good time!), we recommend a visit to the Costa Brava in Girona, and let yourself be surprised by the beautiful seascapes and fishing villages. To make your visit seamless, we recommend you the best hotels on the Costa Brava.

How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona barcelona holy week

Although it is already the end of the season, you can also take advantage of your getaway to Catalonia to enjoy a good “calçotada”, that is to say, a meal in which the main dish are the calçots (a specific variety of onions) grilled and served with romesco sauce. The birthplace of the calçot is located in Valls, in the province of Tarragona, but you can enjoy this delicacy at any corner of the geography of catalonia.

In keeping with the cuisine, if you spend the Holy Week in Catalonia, it is also necessary to know and/or try the “Easter Cakes”: cake accompanied by one or more figures of chocolate, the godparents must give their godchildren. The tradition brand eat this sweet Easter Monday, also known as “the Day of Mona”. Although the traditional figures of chocolate in form of chicks, eggs, rabbits… What is certain is that currently produce authentic virguerías.

How To Enjoy Easter In Barcelona barcelona holy week

Barcelona is a city full of tourist attractions and places to visit, enjoy your easter knowing the Sagrada Familia or the Park Güell, two of the great works of the architect Antoni Gaudí, or opt for the alleys of the gothic quarter. Although you won’t be able to stop next to the Passeig de Gracia, with its great modernist works such as La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. Extends this information in our article on what are the main places to visit in Barcelona.

At the time of travelling around Barcelona and the vicinity, we recommend you to use public transport, because that is going to be some of the most comfortable and practical. The city has an extensive network of bus, metro, tram… That will bring you to where you want to go, see our article on how to get around in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city with a great hotel offer, that’s why in Dinzie we want to help you to choose the hotel in Barcelona that best suits your needs with this list. This way, you’ll be able to complete a perfect easter Weekend in Barcelona.

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