The Best Sports For Children

Are you looking for an extra activity to and from school for your child? Without a doubt, sports are the best option because in addition to keeping you physically active teaches various values such as team work ( in the case of a group activity), the merits of the practice and the discipline in addition to keeping you entertained in a healthy way. But what are the best sports for children? In Dinzie we have prepared a special article to clarify the picture about this topic.

Before choosing a sport for your child it is important to take into account two aspects: the first is what the little want to, because some clearly show their preferences either because they are attracted to the practice, because their colleagues are in that activity, etc

The Best Sports For Children children sports best

The second are the capabilities of the small: if you know or do not follow instructions, if you can stay quiet listening to someone talk, if you like to be in the company of other children, if you’re a leader or it is more of the type silent. Depending on your personality you may want a sport more than the other

The Best Sports For Children children sports best

Before the age of 6 years to small find it difficult to understand the rules in their entirety, it is only after this age that some of the most complex knowledge will be simple to their understanding. Already after 12 years the degree of demand and competition of sport can be greater

The Best Sports For Children children sports best

To begin, it may be good to choose a sport of the integral type that involve several muscles to benefit you in its entirety. A great option is swimming, in which there is interaction with other children but at the same time to evaluate a personal performance

Football is the favorite of many parents when it comes to a man, but there are things that it is necessary to evaluate as for example the motor skills of the little boy, and his ability to engage in this activity and especially the way in which you carried out the training as with small children the requirements can not be very large

The Best Sports For Children children sports best

Sports such as basketball or tennis are also indicated for children of all ages. The first is like the football group, where team work is the fundamental base, the second is of an individual nature but it allows the relationship with other children

The martial arts are also options to favorite and offer the child the opportunity to learn great values such as the capabilities of your own body and not violence, since these disciplines are based on the practices age-old is that the last purpose is to attack the other. It is a good channel for kids more aggressive

In the case of girls, it is very common that point in practices, such as ballet or dance, just remember that the small should want to do really well is deal activity very demanding with a high level of demand, and if she does not enjoy it has no purpose

In young children 3 to 5 years is widely recommended swimming because it offers the ability to develop important points such as balance, coordination and discipline

The Best Sports For Children children sports best

Up to eight or ten years, your child can begin to experiment with various sports group or individual in order to develop their own preferences and tastes. At that age you’ll already have the ability to decide what you like most.

Remember that what is most important is that your child will get to learn and have fun practicing this sport and that activity becomes to him a source of stress and tension, so just leave it test until you choose one in which you feel comfortable

The Best Sports For Children children sports best

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