How To Tell My Son That His Father Is Married

Personal relationships are not easy, and when there are creatures by means it is more difficult. Loving someone us lying is hard because they suffer from many people at the same time, it is a difficult situation that many times we need to solve alone. Many of these situations are complicated when there are babies because these will grow and will ask where is one of its parents, is in that moment when must tell you with sincerity it situation. If you want to know how to tell my son that his father is married, here at Dinzie we give you some guidelines to do so.

You must be clear when and how will tell him is, you have right to know, since that person will always be part of his life and it is important to know that he is married.

How To Tell My Son That His Father Is Married father tell married

You should explain to him so that he can understand why his father is not with you and cater to your possible questions.

Is necessary to be attentive to all possible reaction, can be that in first term not you like or not it understand, must process all the information and can that requires of time, give is it.

How To Tell My Son That His Father Is Married father tell married

Not must have the feeling that your father you abandoned or worse, that not you wants to, and within your possibilities and situation personal, do you understand the situation current.

It is important to adapt the explanation to the age of the child, but from the four or five years are already able to process certain information and understand it in a simpler way, as soon as you grow will have questions, then we will be explaining more.

It is important to look for a place where the two are comfortable and quiet, you have to be honest and give appropriate explanations according to your age, looks do not justify you, or he will not understand it.

How To Tell My Son That His Father Is Married father tell married

It is not recommended to speak incorrectly of the father, since he could interpret it as an attack or even block this feeling, you are not going to do anything good. You should neither idealize it or sweeten the relationship you had with the father.

All these guidelines will help you to say it, but you must also be your sure your motives, but so goes to specialists, they will help you to overcome it or talk with your child.

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  • Talk to your child.
  • Listen to him, he’ll have questions.
  • Seek help of specialists if appropriate.
  • Don’t fear a possible reaction of the kid.

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