How to Educate My Dog to Not Climb the Bed

Education in a dog is fundamental to coexist and that both us as our dog to be happy. On occasions, and above all, when the dog is a puppy it is difficult not to fall into the mistake of leaving to adopt behaviors that ultimately deemed appropriate. We must raise awareness from the outset that educate our dog when it is puppy will remove us many headache when it is older. We have a paper fundamental in this aspect, because in our hands is that put all our effort from the beginning to our friend adopt a conduct and develop an education proper. In Dinzie you explain how educating to my dog so not is climb to the bed.

How Educating To My Dog So Not Is Climb To The Bed dog bed must

We appreciate if our dog has already been spoiled to get on our bed or if we try to teach it when you start to try it. In both situations can teach you to not it make, but in the case of the first will be more difficult because will try to of correct an action that until the date not impedíamos.

How Educating To My Dog So Not Is Climb To The Bed dog bed must

To all us like feel us accompanied of our dog at all time and when is puppy, the temptation is greater. However, it can be a problem especially when the dog is large. When is small does not seem to be any problem, but after a year or more can have a 25 kilo dog up to your bed. Both if is is of a dog small as not, are going to explain a series of tips that can be useful to teach to your dog to not upload is to the bed.

We must make it clear that they have your bed and we ours. This is one pattern more respect and coexistence. In addition, if your dog gets used to upload to your bed most likely do it also for sleeping. It is advisable that your dog bed is in a room where no sleep no one, like the kitchen or the living room. A problem that we can find if our dog takes over our bed is that its territory is urinate to mark. Remember that the leader you are you, not your dog and so is as must perceive you.

One of the exercises you can do is get on the bed when you are with your dog. It will rise too, so, when you’re up invite you to download pointing out the ground and say something like “down” and “no”. “Not” is a word that your dog can associate easily to behaviors negative, by what should use it whenever you want that your dog not run an action negative. It is important the word you choose, along with the tone of voice and gesture, since it is what will make your dog to establish a relationship between what he does and if as you say you, is good or bad. Must practice during ones minutes, but without exceed you so your dog not is tired and, when responds positively, reward you with a biscuit for dogs, along with a caress and the reinforcement verbal as “very well”, that should use to indicate you that it action that has made is considered as positive.

Do not forget to go to your bed at night. The best solution is to close the door of your any room with a bed, so that he ends up sleeping in his. You can accompany him up to his bed and when to stretch to give you an award together positive verbal reinforcement and caresses. You will surely return to rise and it may be that he barks and scratches on the door. You must stop to open the door, but it can become very annoying, because but you take a chance that their negative behavior be reinforced. You must let you clear that you send, and that you have your space, as is it yours.

How Educating To My Dog So Not Is Climb To The Bed dog bed must

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