How To Detect A Counterfeit

If you care enough to buy a designer label and that it is real, not a fake, replica or imitation you must take into account several things. Design products include a wide variety of items, from clothing to sunglasses, purses, and almost anything that can be stamped with a logo, they are considered designer items. Despite of the imitation, the sincerest form of flattery, the phrase should not apply when the money for knockoffs comes straight out of your pocket. There are several ways to help detect imitations.

Search catalogues of manufacturers of the store or online before you buy any element of design. Study the products, logos and styles so that you can detect imitations.

Buy only from an authorized dealer, not from a street vendor, flea market or private party online.

Pay the price of sale is right. If the cost is too low, there is a reason.

Read the labels. Everything was not made in the correct country, like China, is an imitation. By studying the catalogs, you must know that their items are made there and the products should be similar.

Study the logo and look for spelling mistakes or workmanship are of poor quality. The design items are of the finest materials and come with taped seams and zips perfect. Look for fine leather and good seams on the silk liner that fit perfectly, instead of glued in the same.

The workmanship must be of the same work inside and out. The fakes generally have inferior quality on the inside of the articles. Logos and artwork can reflect the techniques of printing cheap and counterfeiters may use a process that is more cheap, so the colors may also be slightly different on counterfeiting items.

Ask for a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, must be returned. If it is not offered, the item most likely is a counterfeit.

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