What Is The Best Time To Water The Plants

One of the most important tasks that should be carried out in the garden is, without a doubt, watering the plants. There are many factors that contribute to the type of irrigation that is required, as may be the climate, or the species of plant, grass or shrub mainly. However, there are certain rules that must be followed if you want your garden or yard look beautiful at any time of the year. In this article Dinzie we’ll explain to you what is the best time to water plants, as well as we require a certain time to feed ourselves, our plants will be healthier if they are watered at hours that are more concrete. Take note!

The worst time to water the plants at mid-day. The hours in which there is higher exposure to sunlight are not good for supplying nutrients to our plants. You think that, because of the heat, the water evaporates more quickly, which causes the plant does not receive all the food necessary to stay healthy and strong.

During these hours, the leaves can easily burn if they are wet. Also, if you water the plants in full sun, you can damage it severely due to the temperature change that would cause the cold water in contact with the plant hot, due to sun exposure.

For these and other reasons, the best time to water the majority of plants and, above all, the grass of our garden, is at dawn. Good morning, the plants accepted from good taste, a good splash of water, that have been able to drain before that has a greater exposure to sunlight.

What Is The Best Time To Water The Plants plants water time

In addition, watering the plants for a good morning you’ll get a greater savings of water, since at these times, evaporation is minimal and the plants will take advantage of plus a minor amount of water.

On the other hand, the plants require more water during the rising of the sun, as it sets up their metabolic activity when the sun begins to warm up. The need of vitamins and nutrients to put in place is much greater at these hours, so that if we provide the plants for the first time will be able to perform their activities with greater performance.

Water the plants first thing also helps to create a lot of moisture that can increase the possibility of the emergence or infection by fungi, as the heat of all the day is going to help some of the plants use up the water and dry more quickly.

If you can not water your plants a good morning, the second best option is to do it late in the evening. Yes, you should know that the soil will remain for a longer time damp due to the cool and the dew of the night, which may favor the appearance of fungi.

On the other hand, watering plants during the night is not recommended, since they will not take advantage. Like us, plants rest during the night, so their performance and their metabolic activity is lower. They will require more water in the morning to be able to stay active during the day.

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