How To Get In Touch With The Pope

Pope Francis was elected on 13 march 2013. From the beginning he has shown to be very close and approachable and for this reason many people from all over the world have wanted to know him and/or get in contact with him. In this article Dinzie we will explain to you how to get in touch with the Pope.

How To Get In Touch With The Pope pope ll touch

The first option for getting in touch with the Pope Francis, is to write a letter. You’ll have to put recipient Sua Santità Francesco and the direction that you have to write is the following: Secretary of State, Palazzo apostolico Vaticano, 00120 Città del Vaticano

You can also send a fax to: (003906) 69885255

Another option is quite straightforward it would send a message through twitter. To do this you’ll need your twitter account. Your account is Pontifex_es. Here’s a link to see your twitter page: the twitter of the Pope. But it is very rare that you’ll be able to answer because he has millions of followers and it is not known with certainty that he is the one who writes all his tweets.

If you want to know what is his agenda, go to the Vatican website where you’ll find the upcoming activities of the Pope:

The best thing you can do if you want to see it in person is to go to a Angelus. These are totally free. You’ll have to see when they are on the website of the Prefecture of the House Modern. The Angelus are always in St. Peter’s Square.

In addition you’ll find a list with the best hotels close to the Vatican to complete your journey in the best way possible.

You can also attend a Hearing or to a Liturgical Celebration. You can also see when you are on the website of the Prefecture of the House Modern. But in order to go to these events you’ll need tickets for entry. These tickets you’ll need to apply by writing a letter to:

Prefecture of the Pontifical Household. Or by sending a fax to : +39 06 6988 5863


You can also do it through this web page. You will have to pay but it will include a guide who will make a presentation and explanation of the events of the papal audience. If you choose this option remember that you’ll have to call the phone number you provided upon making your reservation and confirm your attendance. If you do not, you’ll not be able to attend.

Remember that the Pope is a very popular person, and therefore always has many security measures. In addition, sending a letter will not guarantee he reads it as it probably receives millions of letters, and surely their secretaries will make a choice of the cards that will arrive.

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